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MD Calls is a father and son owned call company. We strive to offer great customer service and above all quality calls. If we wouldn't take it to the blind personally we wont send it out. We turn, finish, and tune all calls between the two of us to make sure every aspect is up to our standards. We stand by our product and want to show it. Any questions or comments please feel free to shoot us a email or give us a call and let us know what you think.
MD CALLS started with the intentions of building calls for ourselves. We mostly make everything we use hunting because we think we make something better then we can buy it. Thats just how we are, no matter if its hunting related or building a house. Our first lathe was a present from my dad and the next day we started turning anything wood we could find. After mastering the turning part, we started on the sound we wanted. Before we knew it we had a duck call. When season came in our hunting buddies had to have one and the word just spread. It has been a great experience and we love to do it. We experiment with new things all the time, so check back often and see the new things we turn out.
We want to offer a quality call that works in the field. We use what we sell, what is in our personal calls is the same as what we sell. We do not keep anything special for our own personal use. We have come up with a design that has proven to work for us and believe it will work for you. The look of a call does nothing for the sound, but why not have a GREAT looking call that sounds as good as it looks!! Thats our philosophy
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