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Flagging System
We have designed a new way to flag waterfowl that is much easier and way more effective. This system lets you get your flag out into the decoys away from layouts and pits where you do not want attention from incoming birds. When you flag geese you want to draw attention to your decoys not you. Geese will lock on to movment in your spread, so when you stick your arm out of your blind and flag they lock on to YOU! That is not what you want.Birds have seen this game all the way down the flyway!!
The MD Flagging System is made with a steel body for durability. It Comes with 4 metal stakes that hold it into the ground for the most windy of days.
Attach and use the same flag as you already own.
Attach as much rope as you want to get the flag as far away as you want and HUNT!
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No Batteries!!
No Charging!!
Instead you want them looking at your decoys and being interested in them decoys not you in your layout or pit. Get the edge on them with the MD Flagging System!!
Lay the system where you want it in the spread (birds like to land where it's set up).
Drive the 4 stakes into the 4 holes (Located on each corner. Front stakes are 45*angles).
Attach your flag in the provided U-Bolts, and tighten the wing nuts.
Sets up in 4 steps:
Run the rope back to the blind and hunt!
How it works:
Once set up, all that is required of you is to pull on the rope. To initially get the flag in the air pull the rope until the bungee cord is tight. Once in the air, give short jerks back and forth (shaking a paint can) to get the fluttering action of landing geese. When you get their attention you can slowly drop the flag by letting the flag down slowly like geese landing. Repeat the process until geese get within 100 to 150 yards. Once in this close leave the flag down. If geese start to drift, slightly lift the flag about half way and drop it back down (mimicking a bird stretching his wings.)
(Rope and flag not included)
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