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Why choose MD Calls? What is the Versa-Tune Toneboard? What are the advantages of the Versa-Tune Toneboard?
The answer to all these questions would be TUNABLE! Every hunter out there blows a call differently. Different as in how they present the air into the call. Whether a world champion to another world champion or an amateur to a world champion, we all are different in this aspect. We designed the Versa-Tune toneboard that would allow the hunter to adjust the call to how THEY blow a call and how THEY want the call to sound.
Versa-Tune Toneboard
Every duck call out there is not created equal. They have different pitch, different air pressure, and a different blowing technique to get the call to sound right. Also, some calls are built to have that raspy sound verses the calls that are built for that nasally sound. Now add in the human presence that makes the call actually work.

 WE ALL BLOW A CALL DIFFERENTLY!! The MD Versa-Tune Toneboard makes all these difficulties in picking a duck call nearly vanish. When you get your call from MD Calls it will come tuned for how WE blow a call and how WE like the call to sound. If it blows and sounds like YOU like then that is great GO HUNTING! If you would like to adjust on it follow the instructions below.
Making the call blow easier
(Takes less air to operate / add rasp)
The longer the distance from point A to point B will make the call require less air to produce a note. Also, this will add rasp to the sound. If the call makes you use more air to produce notes then you would like, pull the toneboard out a minimal amount (small adjustments make big difference).
Making the call blow harder
(Takes more air to operate / take rasp away)
The shorter the distance from point A to point B will make the call use more air to produce a note. Also, this will take rasp away from the call and have more of that nasally sound. If the call makes you use less air then you like, push the toneboard in a minimal amount. (small adjustments make big differences.)
Use these instructions to find the sweet spot that works for YOU!!
Moving the Reeds
The reeds can also be moved to adjust the sound. We only recommend moving the reeds to make minor adjustments. If the call is ALMOST what you want but needs a little more rasp. You can pull the reeds out to give it a little more rasp. To take away rasp you can move the reeds in and that will give you less rasp and more of a nasally sound. (Minor adjustments go along way)
(Fine tuning to get the perfect sound)
Before any adjustments are made you will need to know the components of the Versa-Tune toneboard (Toneboard, reeds, wedge). Also, you will need to know how to loosen the components from the insert. This is a friction fit toneboard. To unlock the toneboard hold the insert and toneboard as shown to the left, twist and slightly pull at the same time. To insert the 3 piece toneboard push the three pieces together as an assembly to the desired location. Then to lock in place with a final twist and push.
Reed placement is very important. The thicker dimpled reed always goes on top with the bump facing down and the thinner non dimpled reed goes on bottom with the bend going up. To find the bend take the reed in between the thumb and index finger and slightly squeeze. That will show you the natural bend in the reed.
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